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NA-149 Multan Results – By Election 2014

by election NA 149 multan result 2014MULTAN – Polling for NA-149 constituency of Multan will be held on Thursday where 17 candidates will contest for the seat left vacant by Makhdoom Javed Hashmi. Polling will start from 9:00 AM morning and will end at 5:00 PM without any break. All arrangement are set. Ranger and police are called on to maintain law and order.  Flag march of law enforcement agencies took place today.

Independent candidates Javed Hashmi, Aamir Dogar and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidate Dr Javed Siddiqui are among strongest contenders for the NA-149 seat. To ensure law and order, Rangers personnel have been deployed at 106 sensitive polling stations.

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Candidate Name Party Votes
Doctor Javed Ahmad Siddiqui PPP
Malik Aamir Dogar Independent
Makdoom Javid Hashmi Independent
Sheikh Tahir Rasheed Independent
Bota Sarfraz Independent
Chaudhary Abdullah Miyo Independent
Ch. Muhammad Tariq Zaman Independent
Hakeem Sheikh Moin ud Din Qureishi Independent
Raja Muhammad Hussain Qureishi Hashmi Independent
Rashid Jamal Independent
Rana Saleem Ahmad Independent
Rana Muhammad Faraz Noon Independent
Fayyaz Ahmad Khan Independent
Muhammad Anwar Khan Niazi Advocate Independent
Muhammad Rafiq Ahmad Khan Independent
Muhammad Shakeel alis Ali Butt Independent
Muhammad Lateef Ansar Sial alis Professor Lajpal Independent
Malik Muhammad Yousif Bhatti Independent
Updated: October 16, 2014 — 10:07 am

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